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Features of laser cutting machine

Sep 24, 2015

1, 64MB high-capacity memory, faster transmission, and working offline

2, digital-controlled z axis adjustment, fully automated focus mode

3, large working table and built-in lighting

4, United States original special air cooled closed type metal pipe

5, red light module, CCD automatic positioning

6, fully functional, simple and easy to learn and work platforms

7, modular design, easy maintenance

8, United States RF metal laser tube life of up to 45,000 hours


9, upper air, ventilation system, ensuring quality

10, probe-type autofocus, effectively cutting depth

11, open space, reserve expansion ports easily add automated equipment, highly expandable

12, product maturity and stability, high integration, options improve

13, meet the CDRH Clas1 safety norms, CE certification and RoSH certification

14, ball screw drive

15, servo drive system to ensure that accurate.